Two Tooth Box


A half Two Tooth (Hogget) processed into the following cuts;-
Box Contains:
2 x Leg Roasts
Loin Chops (Approx 8)
Cutlets (Approx 8)
Diced Shoulder
Spare Ribs
Slow Cooker Pack (Neck Chops & Shanks)


Weight;- Minimum 11 kg+ (carcase weight)


What’s the difference between a lamb and a Two Tooth?
Lambs are up to around 12 months of age.
They have milk teeth which they lose when they become a two tooth. Two Tooth are approx 13 months – 2 years old, having no more than two adult incisor teeth. Two Tooth meat whilst being just as tender as lamb is generally a little darker in colour. The meat has a deeper more pronounced flavour than lamb.

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